Clearanail® is the world’s first ‘intelligent’ nail drill to utilize patented Controlled Micro Penetration™ (CMP) technology. The drill uses smart-sensor technology, which allows it to “know” when to stop drilling.  This technology prevents any pain to the patient or damage to the nail bed.

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Never before available to the U.S. market, Clearanail® is an exciting new quick, safe, and pain-free medical procedure for assisting in the treatment of unsightly and embarrassing toenails. It is the first and only medical drill device, designed with Swiss technology, utilizing Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP). With the CMP technology, physicians are able to create nearly invisible holes into a patient’s nail plate. These 0.4mm holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations by targeting the source of the problem. The holes are drilled with Single Use Micro-cutters (SUMs) and are disposed after each patient use to prevent nail and skin contamination with fungus, bacteria, or even molds.  The micro-pores remain in the nail until it grows out, making Clearanail® effective after a single treatment! 

The Clearanail® Process Is as Easy as...

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