Sculptra Fat Pad Augmentation

Toenail Fungus Treatment Birmingham MI - Toenail Fungus Cure, Toenail Fungus Removal - Foot Docs - hour_mag_highheelAs we age, collagen, elastin, and fat are lost beneath the surface of the skin on the bottom or on the sides of the foot. Loss of fatty tissue can occur from repetitive stress as often seen in runners and sports enthusiasts, as well as women wearing high heel shoes or those with bone structure deformities. This can result in pain which can limit activity.
Sculptra is a safe, synthetic and biocompatible material that is injected below the surface of the skin. It is an absorbable polymer made from Poly-L-Lactic Acid. This compound has been used in absorbable sutures for many years, and as a FDA approved dermal filler in the face. Sculptra has been used as a filler in the foot thousands of times in the past few years, but is not yet FDA approved for that use.

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