KeryFlex is a product that restores the appearance of natural nails that have been affected by fungus, trauma, and nail deformity. KeryFlex is specifically designed for toenails and flexes with the toe as the person walks or runs, just like a natural nail. It is made of a non-porous resin, so moisture and microbes cannot penetrate and get between the KeryFlex nail and the natural nail and have the opportunity to grow. It also contains an anti-fungal to help stop the growth of an existing fungal infection and/or prevent reinfection during treatment.


Salon products are made of porous material and allow moisture to penetrate the nail and get between the artificial and natural nail, creating a hospitable environment for fungus to grow. KeryFlex is also acid free and will not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions and is safe to use on diabetic patients. For additional information, go to